THE NEILL GROUP Licensed Private Investigators 

Document Servers & Security Specialists


The Neill Group is a Wellington based multi-service agency with over 30 years of experience providing specialised security, private investigations, risk management, legal process serving, para-legal support and field services throughout New Zealand. 

The Neill Group and Protective Services operates the largest nationwide network of highly professional security specialists, private investigators, legal process servers and field agents in New Zealand. 

Searching for a Wellington or New Zealand based private investigator, legal process server, field agent or security specialist? The Neill Group provides security risk management, private investigations, legal process serving, para-legal support and field agent services. 

The Neill Group was founded by Dion Neill who is the longest serving private investigator, field agent and legal process server currently operating in the Wellington market. Dion is also one of the most experienced security risk management specialists in New Zealand. 

Throughout New Zealand and worldwide, commercial entities, public organisations, government agencies and private clients utilise The Neill Group’s high level of expertise and proven track record of providing specialised services with the geographical reach that very few can match. 

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